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About Us.

Hey There!

I am Avishek Behera, from India.

I am a passionate test engineer and test automation enthusiast.
I love exploring, and learning about different applications, their user experience, features, and underlying technologies.

I like to find the possible flaws, defects, or improvement areas to help the application end-user have a better experience. In this process, my curious mind learns a lot and this has been my regular activity for quite some time.

I have more than 8 years of experience in the software testing field and I have worked in various domains like Mobile gaming, Digital entertainment service, Real estate, and Electrical manufacturing.

I love interacting with fellow testers around the world by joining and participating in various communities, discussion groups, testing contests, webinars, and conferences.
Some of the amazing communities, as a tester you must join:
The Test Chat, The Test Tribe, Testing Mini Bytes

Apart from the work front, I am a passionate cyclist and runner – a fitness and nutrition enthusiast.
I like studying and implementing various workouts, and exercises routine to learn and keep myself up to date with fitness.

I write about testing and related technologies here and those are all inspired by different sources or by my own experiences. I am a beginner at writing though, so expect mistakes and areas for improvement. I hope I will get better over time.

Go ahead and read some of them if you would want to and do not forget to share your feedback because that is what inspires me to improve over time.

Find my web profiles on different platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Github, etc